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At Star Danes we love the breed, characteristics, temperament, and history of the Great Dane. We bred for health, looks, and temperament. Historians claim that there are drawings of dogs that resemble the Great Dane on Egyptian monuments from roughly 3000 B.C. The earliest written description of a dog resembling the breed can be found in Chinese literature of 1121 B.C. The origins of the Great Dane as we know it today can be traced to the Irish Wolfhound with mixture of old English Mastiff. The breed was originally developed by the Germans to hunt boar, a ferocious animal. When no longer used for hunting, the breed changed to one of a companion and estate guard dog. (American Kennel Club) .

Our modern day Great Danes are not guard dogs in any way and should never be considered one. They will very well welcome the stranger into your home rather than keep them out. They are very much gentle giants with big hearts. They require a lot of attention and must be included as one of the family. All interested buyers will be interviewed before you are considered as new parents of our puppies and or dogs.

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